Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Doing Enough to Rescue Ebola Victims?

Gates foundation is among the largest private foundations on the globe. It was founded by Bill and Melinda Gates and it was launched in 2000. In fact, Gates Foundation is considered has the largest transparently-operated private foundation. The aims of the foundation are;

  • To enhance global health care.
  • Reduce extreme poverty.
  • To expand education opportunities and access to the information technology.

The foundation is controlled by its 3 trustees, Warren Buffet, Melinda Gates, and Bill Gates. The foundation is based in Seattle, Washington.

The foundation has funded agricultural research, global special initiatives and alleviating poverty. For example, as part of global special initiatives, the foundation donated US$ 3 million in 2004 to aid victims of Indian Ocean earthquake, and in 2005, they made a donation of US$ 500,000 million to aid victims of Kashmir earthquake.

As the part of the Foundation’s initiative to promote agriculture, reduce extreme poverty, and keep up with the global demand of rice, the Foundation offered US$ 19.9 million to Rice Research Institute between November 2007 and October 2010. To enhance small farm productivity and enhance agricultural science in Africa, Gates Foundation has partnered with AGRA (Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa). It has already made initial donation of US$ 100 million.


But the Gates Foundation also focuses on health. Of late, the organization has made a lot of contribution in attempts to curb the spread of Ebola virus in West Africa.

bill and melinda gates foundationThe outbreak and spread of Ebola virus in West Africa is not only stressing, but also scarring, especially for the communities and families affected. There are many international, governmental and non-governmental organizations that has devoted their resources, in terms of material as well as human power to rescue the affected communities. Of late, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been on the fore front in fighting Ebola outbreak which has killed locals as well as health practitioners. We admire and respect the heroic job done by the Gates Foundation.

Ebola outbreak is powerful reminder that outbreak of infectious diseases can happen anywhere on the globe. It highlights the importance of global cooperation, especially in tackling global disasters, such as outbreak of such infectious diseases.

As part of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce poverty and enhance health care, and also help to address immediate need for doctors and material resources, the Gates Foundation has made more than US$1 million emergency response grants to support UNICEF’s works on the affected part especially in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The grants are meant to facilitate movement of health practitioners to the affected parts, and inadequate doctors. The grants will also provide critical medical and hygiene supplies, coordinate response efforts, and reach affected and at risk families and communities with lifesaving information.

The grants are meant to ease their movement by providing better means of transport, including use of choppers where needed. The grants will also make it possible to get more doctors from every corner of the globe, and also provide food to the affected families. To be frank, the Gate Foundation has shown great sympathy and leadership role providing unwaivered support. The manager in charge of health is always in close communication with the WHO.

Environmental Conditions Associated With Childhood Brain Tumor

brain tumorStudies on children who have come down with brain tumors due to environmental conditions are making some interesting conclusions that could change the way industries and individuals carry out their commercial activities. For a long time now, pediatric oncologists all over the world have been conducting unrelenting research on the association between environmental factors that could cause brain cancer.

Brain cancer can be defined as a space-occupying lesion characterized by excessive and uncontrollable growth or brain cells. There are several types of brain cancers depending on the particular brain cell affected. This means that any part of the brain can be affected leading to a constellation of symptoms that often differ from one case to another.

Most of childhood brain tumors are amenable to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy when diagnosed early. However, some are extremely aggressive and can cause serious neurological damage and even lead to death. Other tumors on the other hand take too long to grow that the child’s body “learns to live with it”. At times, the tumor may encroach on a vital brain region leading to neurological deficits that can impair the quality of life of the child.

Environmental Conditions Associated With Childhood Brain

Technological advancement has led to the development of variety industrial and agricultural processes that studies have indicated are doing more harm than good. This is because the industrial plants and agricultural farms use dangerous chemicals and solvents that if emitted to the environment (air, water and soil) release oncogenic compounds cause mutations of in the genes of brain cells.

  • The children that later develop brain cancer are exposes during pregnancy and early childhood. A number of studies are examining possible or potential risk factors for brain tumor in children and have identified the following environmental conditions as possible culprits:
  • Early childhood exposure to infective agents especially viruses, bacteria and parasites: These infective agents usually interfere with the physiological functions of brain cells leading to development of cells with unlimited replicative potentials.
  • Childhood exposure to environmental toxins: The culprit toxins that have been implicated in the causation of brain tumors in children include pesticides, herbicides, solvents as well as other household chemicals.
  • Parental occupational exposure to chemicals and radiation: Pregnant mothers working in industries radioactive materials can subject the developing embryo to ionizing radiation leading to brain cancer. Some chemicals may emitted by these industries may also act as carcinogens that interfere with baby in-utero (in the womb).
  • Parental medication during pregnancy: some drugs used to treat medical conditions may act as teratogens that can cause cancer in the child soon after delivery or may only present during late childhood.

 What Are Your Legal Options?

If you suspect that your child has suffered brain cancer associated with previous or prevailing environmental conditions then you should be aware of your legal right as a parent or a relative of the victim to take action. This is where the services of an experienced brain injury attorney come in handy. Incase your claim passes and eligibility test; the attorney can help you file a lawsuit, which can win you financial settlement if successfully litigated.

Children with Cancer

Family foundations that help children with cancer and other diseases

Research has shown that an estimated 175000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. In the U.S, more children have died of cancer than any other disease. More often, families of children with cancer have to travel to look for care and treatment. These families are confronted with other non medical expenses such as meals, childcare, transportation and housing.

In other extreme cases, parents are forced to choose between keeping their Jobs and caring for their children. Owing to these challenges, many family foundations have been established with the mission of providing heartfelt support and financial relieve to families that struggle to fight cancer and other serious diseases.

Family foundations that help children with cancer and other diseases Sensing the importance to lift some weight off the backs of families fighting cancer and other diseases, family foundations have been established all over the world. Here we profile a few of these charity organisations.

children with cancerDave family foundation (DFF)

Established in the United States, the Davis Family Foundation devotes itself to helping children around the United States to live healthy and impact their lives. The foundation also helps families fighting cancer to understand their best care options. This foundation was founded by Andrew Davis as a memorial to the life’s work of his parents and grandparents.

Chiera Foundation

The Chiera Foundation was established as a non -profit Organisation dedicated to children battling cancer. It was first established with the aim of raising funds that would be channeled to the American Cancer Society’s ROCK ( Reaching Out to Cancer Kids) programs. This foundation has since raised $2.8 million and helped send children with cancer to college and other cancer camps.

Sunshine Kids

Sunshine kids is a foundation that was established as a non-profit Organisation dedicated to children battling cancer and other serious diseases. Established in the year 1982, the foundation is committed to providing emotional support as well as financial aid to young cancer patients and their families at large. Sunshine Kids have also been organising events for kids receiving cancer treatment in various hospitals in North America and is yet to roll out the program to other parts of the country.

Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation was initially established for the purpose of providing a grant making approach to major hospitals and institutions that provide health care services to kids that suffer from cancer and other serious diseases. It’s grants are mainlybaimed at
covering for patients bills and especially kids whose parents cannot afford insurance cover. Hospitals that benefit from Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation funds, are able to provide affordable and relatively low charges to parents and in some cases even provide free of charge services to deserving patients. This in turn has assisted thousands of families fight cancer and other diseases even with financial difficulties.

These are just some of the many organisations that over the years have helped families with children suffering from cancer and other diseases to fight them bravely. Their care services for cancer patients have made these institutions all over US. They are friendly and professional when handling the patients.

Children Who Have Lost Their Parents

How Family Foundation In Florida State Helps Children Who Have Lost Their Parents

Losing a close friend or close relative is one the most painful experience that anyone can go through in his /her life. But of the lowest moment in any person life especially a child is when he/she loses parents. This becomes more difficult to handle if the cause of death was tragic and unexpected. The main causes of tragic deaths are the car accidents, shooting by mistaken identity and the likes of short illnesses like heart attacks have robbed many kids their parentage love which is very hard to replace. These kids become disoriented and if they are not rescued, their lives can be a great mess irreparable in future.

In the State of Florida some family foundations have been certified under the famous Baker Act to the rescue of these kids. The main objective of these foundations is to make sure that the kids are not in danger of spilling out of their ways. They took care of the kids who are recognized by the law as minors until they are of the age recognized by the law as the adults. The main objective of the law is to reduce the number of kids on the streets which is a threat to the security.

family foundationThe first thing that the family foundations do the kids who have lost their parents when they get them is to enroll them in a counseling class. This is the first important step that makes sure that the kids are able to cope with reality of the issue. This helps the kids to see life in another perspective by accepting that they are now orphans and the reality that the parents are forever gone. They undergo the healing process and later on they are able to accept themselves and from there life starts under the foundation.

The family foundation also provides these kids with basic needs as required by the law. Giving them food and clothing is a must. Then, if the kids were schooling, then they have will continue doing so. This means that the foundation will provide them with the education up to an age when they will be considered adults. The kids are also imparted with the skills that will help them cope with life. This is an important aspect since when the kid will of an adult age he/she will no longer be under the care of the foundation and if there are no close relative, he will have to survive on his own.

Another thing that the foundation does is helping these kids get attached to various areas where they can use their skills to work. This usually happens when kids are leaving the umbrella of the foundation and about to start living on their own. They also assist the kids under their care in discovering their talents and their potential in life. This is what can be called the self realization.

Family foundations in Florida State are the home of many destitute kids and they have saved many children lives. They are much supported by authorities and their work requires a credit.

Children With Birth Defects

How Family Foundations Have Helped Children With Birth Defects

There is nothing more heart breaking than having children with birth defects after nine months of intense pressure, discomfort and pain and a mother finally gives birth and they hear their child let out that heavenly cry. It is a sign that their tedious and highly demanding journey of giving life may continue to add more challanges  However, family foundations have come in to the rescue of parents and children with birth defects in a big way but first, let’s have a look at factors that contribute to birth defects.

children with birth defectsFactors that increase or contribute a mother’s chance of having children with birth defects.

One of the most common aspects that are to blame for children with birth defects is genetics. This is more so when it comes to defects that have something to do with chromosomes. Other risk factors include being obese before you get pregnant, smoking the month before you get pregnant and above all taking some medications like SSRIs during pregnancy has been showed to increase the risk of giving birth to a children with birth defects. Now that you know what may cause one to give birth to children with birth defects, it is time you understand how family foundations can help you if you have a child with defects.

Role of family foundations in the lives of parents who have children that have defects and the children.

Sourcing for funds.

One of the most important things that a child with defect will need is funds. These are for research especially for those defects that are life threatening like congenital defects. If parents were to look for funding themselves, no head way would have been made even for the corrective surgeries that have so far been identified as ideal to curb some of the defects.


A family foundation has contacts of other parents that have children with birth defects like yours and also professionals that can help your child. Knowing that other people are going through the same troubles as you’re going through and have children with birth defects is not only comforting but you can also share ideas. Professionals can also guidance on how to best bring up your children with disabilities and products that you could use to help the child feel close to normalcy. On the other hand if the professionals are doctors, then they could even correct the defect that your child has.

Raising awareness and organizing events.

Some of the birth defects are very rare. As such not much is known about them. Children with these kinds of defects maybe victimized in the society as people may not understand the condition. A family foundation will help to raise awareness about children with birth defects that are rare and also organize events to help more and more people understand the condition. This is simpler for the family foundations since they have the contacts and they have a number of cases which allows them to understand the condition better. Most parents may opt to keep their children with birth defects in seclusion once they realize something is not right. However, this does not serve in the least in the benefits of the children with birth defects or the parents. The best way to go about is seek out a family foundation that attends to your particular case and maybe that way yours and other children with birth defects might get some help.

Child Accidents

Children Injured from auto accidents

Medical reports have revealed that more than 9 million children suffer from unintentional injuries-child accidents. A percentage of this number is subjected to mortality. In addition to that, the accidents have contributed to instances of disability among children. Unlike adult accident, children accidents are more devastating both to the family and the victim. Auto accidents are contributed by a number of factors, motor collision is one of these factors. Motor collision accounts for 260,000 deaths among children while 9 million are injured yearly.

It is this realization that necessitate  the establishment of family foundations. The aim of family foundations is to decrease instances of injured children fatality.

Impacts of child accidents

Child accidents have severe impacts, the center for disease control and prevention in U S has reported that it incurs heavy budget on children related accidents. Away from the financial implications, it may results to a permanent disability of the child.  Disabilities in most cases traumatize the victims of auto accidents and lower the quality of life of the child depending on how extensive the injury is.  If your child suffered a serious brain injury, this could lead to life long effects a Brain Injury Lawsuit may be necessary to cover expenses. The implications are very fatal and endless too. But thanks to the family foundations, the case is now different and easier to handle.

 children injured from auto accidentsExamples of family foundations for injured children

Many well wishers have come up with family foundation to help children. The Bod woodruff foundation, Rosewood foundation, the John and Torella family foundation are examples of such foundations. It is important to note that children are more traumatized by accidents. These foundations offers more than the treatment of the injuries but also psychological therapy. Grants and donations from well wishers and the government keeps these foundations on their feet.

Family foundation programs:

Holiday parties

This may sound ridiculous at first, but children parties and holidays allows for integration of children with other victims. In south California, such parties ensures that the victims have toys and fun while still at the hospital. Pasadena firefighters have been very crucial in contributing into search programmers.

Teen support groups

The group gives a forum where the survivors can meet, tell their stories and help them rebuild their self esteem. The children are also given a chance to participate in group activities. This help nature self esteem self confidence and leadership skills among the injured children. Here is a quote from one of the children, a beneficiary of this program.”…It has helped me overcome my fears; I thought that no one would be my friend again due to my scars….”

Children and family support groups

Child accidents not only affect the children but their families too. A report shows that many parents have the urge to help their children but lacks the knowhow. The family foundations have greatly facilitated emotional recovery of the children and their families too.

Family emergence assistance

This program comes into place during financial crisis. Apart from settling the hospital bills, the foundation also provides food vouchers, special needs as well as emergence housing assistance.

It is critical to note that the number of auto accidents can be reduced. It only calls for one to be attentive, buckling up, providing safety seats for you children and lastly driving in the appropriate speed. Surely this is possible, be cautious and help reduce child accidents.

Baker Acted children

Is there hope for Baker Acted children?

Unlike what most people would like to think the number of Baker Acted children in the State of Florida is quite alarming. And it is only right that the community at large reach out to these troubled kids. For those who might perhaps be not in the know, the term “Baker Acted” in the State of Florida refers to individuals, especially minors being mentally evaluated, and involuntary institutionalized if applicable.

baker acted childrenWhat happens to Baker Acted children?

Like in other regions of the US this action is deemed as the ideal solution to prevent these unfortunate children harming themselves. Or posing a serious threat to the persons that might be around them. Such a legal proceeding can be initiated by a court of law, mental health professionals or even law enforcement agencies. Before such kids are involuntary committed comprehensive evidence must be presented to determine if they have a mental illness or have a serious social disorder (drug and alcohol abuse). The result of this proceeding is either involuntary inpatient placement, involuntary outpatient placement, voluntary treatment ( if the patient is deemed competent to consent treatment) or release to the community.

What are the common problems Baker Acted children go through?

Like most informed individuals might appreciate, there are many factors that come into play leading to mental imbalance in children. Some of the most common include: being subjected to physical or mental abuse, neglect or developing mental conditions such as psychoses or neuroses. Depression can also play a role if such kids experience family problems like divorce or death of a loved one.

A large majority of Baker Acted children are usually at the adolescence stage, where the rigors of the transition to adulthood can sometimes be challenging. Many of such kids struggle with acceptance, peer pressure and self esteem troubles that if not timely checked can lead to mental challenges.

Should you know a child that is going through such circumstances. It is always vital to comprehend despite their anti-social behavior he/she isn’t necessary psychotic, but might be dealing with overwhelming mental problems. And need the help of their family, mental health professionals and the entire community to steer them in the right direction. Which can turn them to useful members of the society.

There are other Baker Act related issues for children.  There are instances where a child might elope on the baker act.  There are other instances where the child is wrongfully baker acted and undue harm may come to that child.  A Baker Act Lawsuit may be possible if your child is wrongfully baker acted, or if they’re harmed or injured by the process.

How do family foundations help Baker Acted children?

In the state of Florida there are diverse family foundations that focus on assisting Baker Acted children. Some of these organizations facilitate for mental examinations by competent authorities who can be in a position to prescribe effective therapy based on the distinct situation of the patient.

These organizations also facilitate for family therapy for the relatives of these unfortunate kids to learn effective methods of helping them overcome their problems.

All this intervention is aimed at enabling these children to ultimately regain their enthusiasm towards living, which will stir them out of their lethargy. Assisting them to take a more positive outlook towards life and be reintegrated into society. It is thus, safe to say that with proper support Baker Acted children can also lead meaningful lives.